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Enphase microinverter series IQ 7

This series of Enphase microinverters differs from the rest of the market in efficiency and reliability; they are inverters that can be installed in the rear part of the panel very compact.

  • Quick installation with two-wire wiring
  • Envoy and Internet connection required
  • IP67 double insulation Class II enclosure
  • Maximum EU efficiency of 96.5%
  • Available models: IQ 7, IQ 7+, IQ 7X, IQ7A

Easy to install

  • Light and simple
  • Quick installation with two-wire wiring
  • Installation on the back of the module

Productive and safe

  • Optimized for 60-cell, 72-cell * and 96-cell * high power modules
  • IP67 double insulation enclosure
  • More than a million hours of testing

Compatible with smart grids

  • Supports Ride Through function
  • Support remote updates

* IQ 7+ Micro is designed to support 72-cell modules, while IQ 7X is designed to support 96-cell modules.