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GoodWe GW 5K-BT / 6K-BT / 8K-BT / 10K-BT – retrofit – trifase


Three-phase retrofit GoodWe GW BT series is a retrofit AC coupling solution that serves to convert three-phase photovoltaic systems into power storage systems of 5kW, 6kW, 8kW and 10kW.

  • Compatible with lithium-ion batteries from 180 to 660V
  • Equipped with UPS function
  • Achieve an efficiency of up to 97.5% and an overload potential of up to 100%
  • Reverse polarity protection at the battery input
  • Includes a LAN module
  • Available sizes: 5K-BT / 6K-BT / 8K-BT / 10K-BT

With a three-phase retrofit GoodWe GW BT series you can reach a maximum efficiency of 97.5%, moreover the solar energy generated is fully used, allowing further savings.

Compatible with various types of high voltage batteries (180 to 660V). These inverters are compatible with high voltage batteries of the BYD and Pylontech brands.

The inverters of the BT series incorporate a reverse polarity protection at the battery input which, when activated, can shut down the inverter immediately. This function protects the battery and at the same time avoids sudden electric shocks.