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GoodWe GW 3600K-BH / 5000K-BH / 6000K-BH – retrofit – single-phase


The GoodWe GW BH series hybrid inverters are a 1-6kW AC coupled retrofit converter solution, compatible with high voltage batteries (85-450V).

  • From 3 to 6 kW equipped with UPS function
  • Pre-wired cables reduce installation time
  • Available sizes: 3600K-BH / 5000K-BH / 6000K-BH

The GoodWe GW BH series single-phase retrofit inverter with a deviation from the inverter AC power for less than 20W consumption, is totally designed to maximize solar self-consumption. In addition, the fact that it takes less than 10 seconds to switch from grid to PV to provide power for starting heavy loads helps users avoid costly grid outlets.

The communication cables are pre-wired, which reduces the installation time. The AC Plug &  Play makes operation and maintenance more convenient.

The BH series inverters can be connected to the high voltage batteries of the BYD and Pylontech brands.