New Fronius GEN24 Plus hybrid inverters

The new Fronius GEN24 plus hybrid inverters now available on the market, designed to ensure high efficiency not only in production, but also in the use of PV energy.

In particular, the SYMO GEN24 plus three-phase inverter already available with power classes from 6.0 to 10.0 kW.

While the PRIMO GEN24 plus single-phase inverter with power classes from 3.0 to 6.0 kW.

Dynamic management of storage systems with back-up system

Fronius GEN24 plus inverters can dynamically manage both third-party technologies integrated into the PV system and a storage system with back-up system.

For this reason they are equipped with 2 MPP trackers dedicated to photovoltaics and a channel for battery management; they also have an output dedicated to privileged loads, intended for back up operations. (PV point).

New features:

  • Integrated back-up function
  • Simple in installation, commissioning and maintenance
  • Suitable for retrofit installations on existing systems
  • Can also be installed outdoors, thanks to the IP66 protection
  • Hybrid technology for greater efficiency in energy management

Monitoring systems and related accessories

The new  inverters of t GEN24 Plus range are equipped as standard with the Fronius monitoring system, thanks to which they can be connected to the free online monitoring portal Fronius Solar.web.

The constant communication between the device and the portal allows you to know the level of production of the PV system minute by minute, facilitating the identification of the most profitable time slots and those in which the irradiation of the modules begins and ends.

Fronius Smart Meter to measure the user’s energy consumption

With the Fronius GEN24 Plus inverters, the simultaneous installation of a Fronius Smart Meter is recommended, which is a bidirectional meter capable of measuring the energy consumption of the end user and consequently establishing his own self-consumption quota.

This accessory is essential for identifying the surplus of energy that could accumulate in a storage system and therefore helps in the proposal and subsequent choice of the battery to be integrated into the PV system.

Back-up function

With regard to the back-up function, this new range of inverters offers two different solutions:

  • PV-Point is a power socket which, thanks to a dedicated terminal board, can supply energy in the event of a black-out (even in the absence of a storage system), supplying the main domestic loads with single-phase supply up to 3, 6 kW of power.
  • Full Back-up is the complete backup option that can power all domestic loads in the event of a blackout, thanks to the installation of a storage system. It is achieved through the integration of a special external backup framework, configured according to the regulatory requirements in force, within which a dedicated Smart Meter is inserted that performs this function.