GoodWe SMT series – Three-phase – 3 MPPT – 25 / 30 / 36 kW


The GoodWe three-phase SMT series inverter with 3 MPPT is ideal for rooftop installations of medium and large commercial systems.

With a maximum efficiency of 98.8%, compact design and low weight, only 40 kg is an inverter easy to manage and install.

  • 1100 V maximum DC input voltage
  • start voltage 180V
  • 10% AC overload capacity
  • available in sizes: GW25K-SMT / GW36K.SMT


Three-phase inverter with 3 MPPT for medium and large commercial systems. With 3 MPPT for maximum configuration flexibility.

Compact weight and design to facilitate installation in any situation, also thanks to the IP65 water-resistant degree of protection.

  • DC input increased by up to 30%
  • 10% AC overload capacity
  • MPPT range from 200V to 950V
  • IP65 protection