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GoodWe MT series – three-phase – 4 MPPT – 50 / 80 kW

Three-phase inverter with 4 MPPT and 13 strings ideal for large scale commercial and agricultural installations.

Thanks to the innovative technology, it maximizes energy production up to 15% with higher yields up to 99% in any weather condition.

  • Power Boost function
  • PLC communication (optional)
  • Available in sizes: GW50K-MT / GW60K-MT / GW60KBF-MT / GW80K-MT


The three-phase inverters of the GoodWe MT series are ideal for small and medium-sized commercial plants and agricultural plants.

The range boasts advanced topology and innovative control technology to achieve maximum efficiency of 99.0%. With the Power Boost function, it maximizes energy production to 15% to obtain a higher yield and a faster return on investment.

With 4 MPPT, it maximizes production and minimizes output energy losses.

Monitoring system via PLC

The monitoring system via PLC (optional) offers stable data transmission on the one hand, and on the other makes transmission possible even in the case of installations in rural and isolated areas.