Electric mobility price list

In this phase of useful uncertainty, it is possible to analyze the trends of the global car market.

The volume of annual global passenger car sales, having been affected by the pandemic crisis and the situation of raw materials, transport, saw a decline in 2020 of about 16% compared to the previous year; in 2021 there were good signs of recovery, with an estimated market of 72 million units.

In the European Union of 27 countries, car sales in 2021 were only slightly lower (-2.4%) compared to those of the previous year, standing at around 9.7 million.

With this in mind, 70% of electric car owners now have a private charging solution and many instead take advantage of the possibility of charging the car at work or in accommodation facilities.

The market for EV charging stations is growing in parallel with global sales and it is necessary to evaluate for its customers the integration of charging solutions for electric vehicles.

Electric Mobility Price List

In the price list dedicated to charging solutions, wallbox or column solutions are available with a wide range of power sizes on both the direct and alternating sides.

Mennekes new AMTRON Compact wallbox and Professional columns

Available the new AMTRON Compact 2 wallboxes for residential use in mode 3 available in 2 variants 2.0 and 2.0S of 7.4 kW and 22 kW. The product range also includes wallbox and column solutions for professional use.

Circontrol wallbox and columns

The Circontrol product range is very wide with 7.4 kW single-phase and 22 kW three-phase AC solutions and DC systems from 25 kW to 350 kW both wallbox and classic columns, all with Type2 Cable or T2 socket connection.

Fronius wallbox Wattpilot

The solution proposed by Fronius concerns an 11 kW or 22 kW “portable” charging system for domestic use, the flexible plug-in solution, which can be transported in and connected to any electrical network. It also has an integration with the photovoltaic system.

SMA EV Charger

SMA has designed a charging solution that allows you to take advantage of the energy produced by your photovoltaic system, compatible with all electric vehicles with 7.4 kW single-phase and 22 kW three-phase power.

SolarEdge photovoltaic inverter with EV charger and new Home EV Charger wallbox

The single-phase HD-Wave inverter with battery charger for electric vehicles is the ideal solution for simultaneously managing the electricity grid and photovoltaic energy with a single inverter. Also available from 2022 the wallbox Home EV Charger 22 kW charging station.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus and Commander 2

Among the small, compact and technologically advanced wallboxes there are the solutions proposed by Wallbox, the Spanish manufacturer with Pulsar Plus and Commander 2, both of 7.4 kW single-phase and 22 kW three-phase.

The Eco-Smart functionality has also been integrated, which allows you to recharge using the energy produced by the photovoltaic system.

Charging cables and accessories

There is no shortage of accessories for each manufacturer in the price list, from charging cables of various lengths and types of sockets, to additional RFID cards or pedestals for outdoor installation.