Fronius Wattpilot Go offers an intelligent and flexible charging solution, suitable for all electric cars, it also offers charging options suitable for different needs, oriented towards efficiency and convenience.

  • 11 kW or 22 kW portable charging solution for home and travel use.
  • Can be hung vertically indoors and outdoors, is removable and therefore portable.
  • Available in two power classes.

Fronius Wattpilot Go allows you to recharge your electric car with maximum flexibility: it can be used both when the vehicle is parked in the garden or garage, and when you need to recharge it outside the home.

The device can be used in conjunction with the dedicated Fronius Solar.Wattpilot app, which also provides an overview of the charging process in progress.

This smart plug-in vehicle solution can charge in two different modes: Eco and Next Trip. It is also designed for integration with the photovoltaic system, so vehicle recharging becomes more convenient thanks to the use of surplus energy.


  • RFID access control: recharging can only be initiated by those who have a valid ID chip (RFID).
  • Anti-theft lock of the charging socket.
  • Auxiliary contact on the relays to control the switching function (allows to detect any faulty relays).
  • Ground detection (can be disabled).
  • Three-phase current sensor to evaluate the charging current.
  • A small fuse for the internal electronics, which can be changed by the customer, prevents a fault if the power supply line is connected incorrectly.


  • Dedicated app: Solar.Wattpilot The new Solar.Wattpilot app (available for iOS and Android) facilitates electric car charging.
  • The dynamic charge function can be used to recharge the electric car based on the surplus energy of the photovoltaic system, thanks also to the automatic switching between single-phase and three-phase.
  • Two different charging modes: Eco and Next Trip A.
  • Connect to the network via WiFi
  • Recharge your way, wherever and whenever you want thanks to the portable Fronius Wattpilot Go version, you can recharge your electric car even outside the home.