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Mennekes: Wallbox AMTRON

Every Mennekes AMTRON Wallboxes are devices for charging electric vehicles in mode 3 with charging socket on the side Mennekes type 2 infrastructure as per standard European.

There are various versions of Wallbox AMTRON depending on the type of authorization for recharging: free , key, via APP or RFID card .

There are versions equipped with a calibrated measurement counter and others that integrate the type B differential switch .

  • Standard E
  • Xtra E / R
  • Premium E / R

The Mennekes AMTRON Wallboxes have been carefully designed to facilitate use, comfort and safety. In the design , modern and functional with silver and black colors, a practical charging cable holder system is integrated.

Each Wallbox AMTRON is suitable for outdoor use and includes a charging socket of type 2 with shutter, device required by Italian law for the protection of people with protection degree IP XXD with release function for the charging plug in the event of a power failure.

All AMTRON cars have a controller for vehicle communication so that they can be charged in mode 3.

The powers available are between 3.7 kW single-phase and 22 kW three-phase . The maximum power can be set by the installer inside the appliance to the maximum value in order to adapt to the power available at the installation point. The protection of people in the AMTRON versions with the suffix R is guaranteed by using a type B differential switch which intervenes on all 4 the poles that can also protect against DC fault currents that can be generated by charging the electric vehicle are detected and deactivated.

The operating status of the Wallbox is displayed by four LEDs of different colors that can be set as desired.

The smart versions Xtra and Premium have WIFI interface , ethernet and RS 485 for communication between several AMTRONs. Using the WIFI and downloading the free app, you can view and control the entire charging process from a tablet or smartphone, including the photovoltaic charge. The AMTRON Wallboxes have an integrated database (whitelist) for user authorization with the use of the RFID recharge card.

You can also export all the data of the charging processes .

Some versions also have a calibrated and MID certified energy meter with S0 interface with external display of the value.