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Circontrol wallbox eNext S/T

Wallbox eNext is conceived to be installed in private houses as well as in workplaces and private car parks.

This advanced system’s function is to charge electric cars and its goal is to facilitate the charging process.

  • Hi! Charger” App
  • Bluetooth recognition
  • DC protection 6 mA
  • Can be integrated with BeON
  • Versions with Type 2 sockets are equipped with safety shutters

Wallbox eNext is accessible in both single phase and three phase version:

  • Wallbox eNext S (single phase)
  • Wallbox eNext T (three phase)

Datasheet English

Fiche technique Français

Hoja técnica Español (EU)

Complete documentation

The eNext series is compatible with the “Hi! Charger” app, which allows the wallbox to be managed and controlled and offers the possibility to schedule electric vehicle recharge and to set the charging current.

Wallbox eNext is able to confirm the identity of the user by detecting his proximity via Bluetooth (whether he activated Bluetooth on his smartphone) and after that to start the charging process of the car.

All versions have:

  • Direct current dispersion protection DC 6mA
  • Front LED to identify both the charger status and the vehicle charge level
  • Bluetooth application
  • Possibility to integrate BeON
  • Robust and durable composition

The operating temperature of the product is expected to be between -5°C and 45°C and its light weight (4kg) makes it really easy to install, even on a pedestal.