Charging technologies

There are four “modes” of standard charging, for electric vehicles such as cars, mini-cars, electric motorcycles or electric bikes.

Mostly vehicles such as electric motorcycles or minicars are designed for charging through a common domestic or industrial socket (Mode 1 and 2) other vehicles that need more safety and higher power use the 3 and 4 charging mode.

Mode 1

CHARGING: slow (6-8 hours).
ENVIRONMENT: domestic and private areas.
PLUG: industriale CEE o Schuko.
CONNECTION TYPE: from a vehicle to a plug up to 16A, in alternating current, without a control box.
SUITABLE FOR: light vehicles and motorcycles, due to the absence of control box.

Mode 2

CHARGING: slow (6-8 hours).
ENVIRONMENT: domestic and private areas.
PLUG: industrial CEE or Schuko.
CONNECTION TYPE: between a power cable of the vehicle and current plug through an AC control box.

Mode 3

CHARGING: slow (6-8 hours) or relatively fast (30 minutes – 1 hour).
ENVIRONMENT: domestic and private areas, mandatory in public areas.
PLUG: type 2 and type 3A.
CONNECTION TYPE: through the vehicle’s power cable and the infrastructure with control box.

Mode 4

CHARGING: fast (5-10 minutes).
ENVIRONMENT: public areas.
PLUG: CCS or Combo2 (Europe) and CHadeMO (Japan).
CONNECTION TYPE: the AC/DC converter is internal to the infrastructure, which enables a high power recharge in continuous current.