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Circontrol DC eSpeed Basic post

The DC eSpeed Basic post is a DC charging station which can be installed for private application, where quick charge of vehicles is a must (for instance: car rentals, dealerships, private companies…).

Product features:

Three phase system with single direct current output (DC) with a maximum power of 25kW
Wide voltage range delivered from 150V to 950V
• Available with CCS Combo or CHAdeMO connector
Start/Stop buttons

Datasheet English

The DC eSpeed Basic post is designed to charge electric vehicles faster (especially those with large capacity batteries) providing up to 25kW of power. These ground stations are also equipped with an RGB LED to inform the user about the charging status.

The product can be purchased either with the CCS Combo or CHAdeMO connector.

DC charging with a power of 25 kW is mostly useful when the internal charger of the car is of limited power (e.g. 7.4 kW AC) and it requires faster charging.

DC eSpeed Basic post ‘s robust and durable construction makes it installable both indoors and outdoors, moreover it ensures high efficiency thanks to the stand-by mechanism of the AC/DC converter.