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Mennekes: Wallbox AMTRON Compact 2.0

Mennekes AMTRON Compact 2.0 is a product designed for charging electric vehicles in a private area in mode 3, with a Mennekes type 2 charging socket on the infrastructure side as per European standard.

Main features:

  • Maximum power output of 22kW
  • LED information panel
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Integrated type 2 cable
  • Available sizes: 7.4kW, 22kW
  • Available versions: AMTRON Compact 2.0, AMTRON Compact 2.0S

The Wallbox Mennekes AMTRON Compact 2.0 have been carefully designed to facilitate use, comfort and safety. In the modern and functional design with silver and black colors, a practical charging cable holder system is integrated.

Each AMTRON Compact 2.0 Wallbox includes a type 2 charging socket with shutter, a device required by Italian legislation for the protection of people.

The powers available are 7.4 kW and 22 kW three-phase. The maximum power can be set by the installer inside the appliance to the maximum value so as to adapt to the power available at the installation point.

The operating status of the Wallbox is displayed via different colored LEDs.

Welding Detection: two additional connection terminals allow the activation of an external release device which, in the event of a fault (overheated contact), disconnects the recharging point. \

Compact 2.0S vs Compact 2.0

AMTRON Compact 2.0S compared to the Compact 2.0 version has a wider range of functions, including:

  • Authorization by card instead of key switch
  • Blackout protection by external Modbus RTU meter
  • Load management up to 4 charging points
  • Settable via Dip Switch