Wallbox Pulsar Plus & Commander 2

The Wallbox Pulsar Plus & Commander 2 EV-Chargers are hands-on  and smart charging systems for plug-in and electric hybrid vehicles.

Both chargers have an attractive design and work with Charging Mode 3 with Type 2 socket or plug.

Power levels single-phase and three-phase versions

The power levels are 7.4 kW for the single-phase versions and 22 kW for the three-phase versions.

In common they also have the 6 mA DC residual current detection functions as per legislation, so it is not necessary to install an expensive external device.

Power regulation with Power Boost

The power adjustment with respect to the maximum withdrawal from the meter is carried out using the optional Power Boost accessory, which we always recommend installing, especially if in a residential environment.

If you install multiple Pulsar Plus and Commander 2 in the same place, there is also the dynamic distribution function of the available power called Power Sharing Smart.

Difference between the two Pulsar Plus & Commander 2 series

The substantial differences between the two series are on the connectivity of the user interfaces and therefore their use.

Pulsar Plus

It has RGB LED signaling, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection for the use of the Wallbox App and myWallbox Portal with which to authenticate the user.

Commander 2

Voted for business/semi-public use in hotels, restaurants, shopping centers etc… it has a seven-inch touch screen, connectivity remains unchanged but with the possibility of also having 3G / 4G modems.

As regards user recognition, the RFID reader and the possibility of identification via PIN code are added to the Wallbox App and the myWallbox portal.