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Circontrol DC Raption 50-150


Raption is a range of extremely powerful DC charging stations, designed for installations in both public and private locations where electric vehicles have to be charged as fast as possible (less than 30 minutes).

Raption DC is available in the following versions:

  • Raption 50 – 50kW DC
  • Raption 150 – 150kW DC

Common features:

  • OCPP Protocol 1.6 J
  • Modem/Ethernet port
  • RFID authentication
  • Connector configuration available between CCS-CHAdeMO-Type 2 (on request)

DC Raption charging systems have an Ethernet port and an integrated modem (4G LTE/WiFi Hotspot/GPRS/GSM) for data transmission via OCPP 1.6 J, also useful if you want to install a Master-Slave configuration where the Master is replaced by the Raption.

There is an 8-inch display as well, which allows users to read instructions about how to start charging and the charge status in different languages.

Each station is equipped with an RFID reader too, to ensure greater overall safety and Type B RCD to prevent DC current dispersion.

Raption 50 features:

  • Output power scalability from 50kW to 25 kW DC
  • Possibility to charge a single electric vehicle
  • Voltage range delivered from 50V to 500V

Raption 150 features:

  • Output power scalability from 150kW to 100kW DC
  • Possibility to charge up to 2 vehicles simultaneously (75kW + 75kW)
  • Voltage range delivered from 100V to 920V (500V with CHAdeMO)