Single-phase SolarEdge inverter with HD-Wave technology

SolarEdge inverters with HD-Wave technology are the latest generation of single-phase inverters that are characterized by their small size and record levels of efficiency that allow for greater energy yeald.

The 1ph HD-Wave inverters have won the Intersolar Award 2016 and Edison Award 2018 and are specifically designed to work with SolarEdge power optimizers.

HD-Wave inverter with innovative topology technology

The innovative conversion technology, based on distributed switching managed by a DSP processor, allows to synthesize a pure sine wave, considerably reducing the magnetic and cooling elements, for this reason these inverters have reduced dimensions and weight and can be easily installed even from one electrician.

Standard HD-Wave, HD Wave EV Charger and HD Wave StorEdge

Three different series that distinguish them in addition to the power classes in:

HD Wave standard SExxxxH-RW000BNN4
HD Wave EV Charger SExxxxH-RW000BNV4
HD Wave StorEdge SExxxxH-RWS00BNO4

All these SolarEdge 1ph inverter models use the SetApp mobile app for commissioning. In a few simple steps you can set all the paramenters, update the FW and monitor on site the inverter.

Ability to manage intelligent loads and utilities

Trought the Smart Energy platform available by adding the compatible metering meter on the grid connection point they also have the possibility to manage special loads such as heat pumps, immersion heaters for DHW storage or other loads via sockets and intelligent devices.

Module input with 200% overload

Thanks to the studies on the quality of the materials used, recently the R&D dept. has issued a technical note through which it is possible to have modules with an overload of 200%.

SolarEdge HD Wave standard SExxxxH-RW000BNN4

The standard SolarEdge HD-Wave SExxxxH-RW000BNN4 inverter with sizes from 2.2 kW to 6 kW is a string inverter suitable for grid-connected residential systems, has a standard 12-year warranty that can be extended to 20 or 25 years.

It has a weighted efficiency of 99% with 33% -50% less losses than other similar inverters and is suitable for installation both indoors and outdoors with an IP65 degree.

Through the external interface Sesti-S4 these inverters are transformed into hybrids, being able to manage batteries directly from third-party batteries with a single device on the DC side.

Thanks to the strong integration between the various SolarEdge brand components, the new 10 kWh Energy Bank battery can be managed directly by the HD Wave inverter without further interfaces.

SolarEdge HD Wave StorEdge SExxxxH-RWS00BNO4

In the StorEdge varian, the Sesti-S4 interface is pre-installed directly in the factory so as to save time and wiring when you want to use third-party storage systems
The StorEdge version can be equipped with an integrated meter so that only the appropriate CT has to be installed externally, has the initials SExxxxH-RWS00BN24