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Circontrol DLM (Dynamic Load Management)

Dynamic Load Management (DLM) is a smart system devised by Circontrol for energy management of multiple charging stations that work at the same time, to avoid exceeding the available power.

DML features are:

  • Restriction of the maximum power withdrawable from the grid
  • Possibility to integrate OCPP
  • All the stations charging status can be controlled via SCADA
  • RFID authentication
  • Building’s energy monitoring

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The Dynamic Load Management (compatible with eNext Park wallbox and eVolve Smart post) efficiently splits the available current among all the functioning charging points, thus avoiding unwanted overloads.

Using this device brings the following benefits:

  • In case of internet communication issues, the DLM won’t suffer it since it is a local control
  • RFID ensures greater system security overall
  • Possibility to set “VIP” chargers with charging priority
  • Can be integrated with back-end systems for monitoring charging stations