Electric car: charging standards

The standardization for public or public-use charging points, that has been implemented in the different countries including Italy, is for sure a key passage for the deployment of the electric cars and for the system interoperability: the electric user will be able to find the charging plug always suitable to his needs!

A clear and defined legislation

  • Normal power recharging points in Alternating current (AC), which means for powers less than 2 kW, must have the Mennekes – Type 2 plug (as described by the standard EN62196-2).
    The geometry of the Type 2 plug and connector is the same for power ranging from 3,7 to 4,4 kW in AC, both single-phase and three-phase, the connector configuration in addition to power transfer allows the data communication towards the contacts “controlpilot” and “proximity”.
  • For the recharge point defined “High power”, which means bigger than 22 kW, are provided: the Alternating Current mode always with Type 2 connector; and Direct Current (DC) with a combined connector called “Combo 2” as described in the standard EN62196-3 or CHAdeMO.

Charging times depend on two factors

An electric car charging time depends on the power available in the charging station and from the “level” or battery charge status. For example, a car with 30 kW battery capacity discharged at 70%, with a charging capacity of 11 kW will take 2 hours to fully charge.

Free of charge charging stations and against payment

Today, a lot of charging stations for electric vehicles are free. However, in the market, there are already different solutions to manage the payment for the provision of the service: users can pay directly to banknote or debit card acceptors, or they can sign their own credit card and then pay with an App.

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