KOSTAL PIKO CI inverters: the solution for companies and large commercial rooftops

The German company with production headquarters and R&D offices located in Hagen, in the North Rhineland region, brings PIKO CI 30 ,50/60 and 100 kW three-phase inverters for commercial installation.

KOSTAL offers the ideal solution for systems in industrial, commercial and large-roof environments: the PIKO CI inverter.

This commercial inverter is reliable, scalable and can be conveniently managed from the app.

The PIKO CI commercial inverter simply offers more: more intelligence, more simplicity, more advantages.

The inverter is designed specifically for companies that install a commercial photovoltaic system in order to meet most energy needs and thus ensure significant savings on bills, while ensuring a safe return on investment and high added value in the most reliable way.

Technical features and advantages for the installer

The three-phase inverters of the PIKO CI  series with 30, 50 and 60 kW are the tried-and-tested technical solution from KOSTAL and designed to meet the requirements of commercial and industrial systems. The inverter has been successfully brought to the Italian market since 2021, attracting enthusiasm among installers and designers for its technical and flexible characteristics.

The inverter is cost-optimized, reliable, safe and has been designed aiming for high performance standards. The inverter is both CEI 0-16 and CEI 0-21  certified and is available in 30, 50 and 60 kW power classes.

KOSTAL equips its machines with the following equipment as standard:

  1. 2 or 4 MPPTs for higher performance classes
  2. 6 or 10/12 DC inputs respectively for the 30 kW size and for the 50 and 60 kW sizes
  3. WiFi connection  and 2x LAN  ports for connecting multiple machines in master-slave mode
  4.  Type 2 AC and DC side surge protectors  included
  5. Smart AC Side Switch
  6. Replaceable fuses

KOSTAL PIKO CI 100 news and features

The KOSTAL PIKO CI 100 inverter  is the integration of a 100 kW device  into the KOSTAL commercial inverter series.

The good market response to the PIKO CI series was KOSTAL’s main motivation for expanding the output up to 100 kW.

This device comes with a number of features:

  • Installation indoors and outdoors
  • Arc flash detection with automatic message
  • Maximum security
  • Surge protection on AC and DC sides
  • Multi-connection and control function via PIKO CI App
  • IP66 degree of protection

KOSTAL PIKO CI: simplicity and guarantee of performance over time

Commissioning is intuitive and fast via the dedicated KOSTAL PIKO CI App; with the app it is possible to configure all the necessary and specific functions of the system for the first commissioning from the smartphone or tablet. It also allows you to view the real-time performance data of the connected device.

Monitoring  is always guaranteed via the free KOSTAL Solar Portal.

For contractors who need to build a photovoltaic system, PIKO CI offers peace of mind: the PIKO CI is a high-quality product in the segment of modern commercial inverters. The five-year warranty, with the possibility of extension, offers business users the best protection and the best returns over time.

KOSTAL-certified installers are a guarantee of professionalism

KOSTAL offers all installers of photovoltaic systems the opportunity to train and become certified installers for the installation of the product and accessory components such as meters, wallboxes and batteries.

Are you familiar with KOSTAL inverters and are you enthusiastic about our products? Then become a certified KOSTAL installer!

Certified KOSTAL installers benefit from regular training in the form of seminars and webinars and receive brochures, product data sheets and digital photo material from us free of charge.

Thanks to the installer search function on our website, customers can quickly and easily find certified specialist companies and contact them for information on KOSTAL solutions.

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Kostal PIKO CI 50 kW

PIKO CI (Commercial Inverters) series optimized for the needs of large photovoltaic systems.
Greater safety and efficiency, lower additional costs thanks to the integrated Kostal Smart AC Switch which makes external pling switches redundant.

  • system voltage of up to 1100 V
  • DC installation without any string distribution boxes
  • Over-assignment of up to 50% (DC to AC) permits flexible generator design
  • Available: 50 KW

Smart Project Design

  • Optimised generator design with system voltage of up to 1100 V
  • Integrated KOSTAL Smart AC Switch takes the place of the external circuit breaker
  • Simple DC installation at an attractive cost without any string distribution boxes
  • Generator is disconnected on site by integrated DC voltage separator
  • Over-assignment of up to 50% (DC to AC) permits flexible generator design

Smart Performance

  • Maximum energy yield thanks to high certified efficiency (>98%)
  • In the event of an error, individual strings are shut down to maintain high availability
  • The connected PV strings are monitored in pairs for optimum monitoring and service
  • Integrated, certified grid service functions ensure reliable operatio


  • Simple communication (daisy chain) via dual LAN interface (RJ45) with integrated switch
  • Tried and tested communication via RS485 bus integrated as standard
  • Compatible with many plant controllers and data loggers, so you can use the monitoring system you prefer
  • Trouble-free use in direct marketing thanks integrated feed management
  • Integrated data loggers back system information up at all times

Easy installation

  • Optimum protection from dust and water for tough outdoor use (protection class IP65)
  • Low weight for simple transport and installation
  • Quick, uncomplicated, and tool‑free AC and DC installation
  • Protection against overvoltage on the AC and DC side
  • Cost-optimised 4-wire AC connection, no neutral wire