MENNEKES has been synonymous with quality for over 80 years

MENNEKES was founded in 1935 as an electrotechnical factory by Aloys Mennekes over the years and in particular after the Second World War began to create sockets and plugs for various applications becoming an international reference point and specialist in plug-in devices.

Today Mennekes Elektrotechnik GmbH & Co. KG. is managed by his son Walter Mennekes and his grandson Christopher Mennekes, and is divided into three strategic commercial units: industrial plug-in devices, solutions for electric mobility and components for vehicles.

Mennekes has over 1400 employees worldwide. The head office has been located in Kirchhundem, in North Rhine-Westphalia since its foundation, in 1991 a branch was added in Sehmatal-Neudorf, in the Erzgebirge and since 2000 the production site MIDENA Elektrowerkzeugbau GmbH.

With this latest acquisition, the production process is complete and guaranteed “Made in Germany”.

European standard for charging electric vehicles

In 2009, the industrial standard for electric cars was presented and in 2014 the “Type 2” charging plug created by MENNEKES became the standard plug for charging electric cars for the whole of Europe.

The offer of MENNEKES products for the eMobility sector is very broad and is not limited only to “charging plugs” but also offers columns and wallboxes for the private, public and semi-public sectors. In addition to customized solutions from hardware consulting to data management and payment services.

Over 15,500 charging points installed

There are over 15,500 recharging points installed by MENNEKES throughout Europe, of which 5,000 are networkable systems. Since 1995, it has relied on an efficient and integrated quality management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001, which includes all production and assembly sites.

As regards the electric mobility sector, the management and quality system has conformed to the requirements of the ISO / TS 16949 standard, thus becoming a first-level supplier for the automotive industry.

MENNEKES product range for electric mobility

MODO 2 and MODO 3 charging cables of 4 and 7.5 meters for electric vehicles are available in the price list.

The Wallbox AMTRON Compact solutions for the residential market and AMTRON Professional and AMEDIO Professional charging stations for companies and the public and semi-public sector.

Management and payment service

The last year’s news is the MENNEKES Pay service to manage and offer paid recharging in public or semi-public situations, car parks, shopping centers, hotels and accommodation facilities.