Solis C&I Inverter

Ginlong Tecnologies manufacturer of Solis inverters has a wide product range that spreads from small residential starting from 700 W up to inverters for C&I systems with 100 kW machines.

Naturally, the product portfolio also includes residential hybrid inverters from 3 kW single-phase up to 10 kW three-phase with a wide choice of compatible batteries. Inverters for Utility size with 1500 V input are already foreseen at the output.

Product quality and bankability

The company has been awarded for product quality and bankability by leading industry institutes such as EuPD Research and BloombergNEF, by using components from the best semiconductor manufacturers and DC connections always taking place via original Staubli MC4 connectors.

All inverters are tested during the production phase in order to minimize early problems. Another peculiarity, going against the tide of the competition, is that all the inverters have a practical display in addition to the signaling LEDs.

Design of C&I inverters

The design of the C&I inverters provides for a number of MPPTs congruous with the rated power of the machine in order to avoid string fuses and high currents so as to be compatible with new generation modules with large format cells and high currents or bifacial modules.

The conversion efficiency is always above 98%. Type II SPD arresters are always included on both the DC and AC sides and the DC disconnect switch in order to avoid the installation of field switchboards.

To be installed outdoors up to 4000 meters above sea level

Cooling by controlled fans and the IP 66 degree of protection with C5 anti-corrosion level means that these inverters can be installed outdoors up to 4000 meters above sea level without derating due to the maximum apparent power which is always 110% the rated output power.

Oversizing up to 150%

Configurability is excellent due to the wide range of MPPT voltages and the possibility of oversizing the photovoltaic generator up to 150%. Solis machines also support aluminum cables on the AC side and input Y-connectors.

The inverters include anti-PID (Potential Induced Degradation) and AFCI (Arc-Fault Circuit Interrupter) protection, as well as night-time SVG (Static Var Generator) function for reactive power regulation. It is also possible to adjust the input power using appropriate optional accessories.

The communication between inverter and data logger for remote monitoring can take place on the classic RS485 wired line but also via PLC communication (Power Line Communication) which is very convenient on large systems with inverters distributed in the field.

Free SolisCloud portal

Through the free SolisCloud portal it is possible to monitor every single string and carry out O&M operations such as firmware updating or I-V curve analysis in order to save time and manpower in the field.