Types of standard plugs for high power

In European countries the standardization for recharging recharges on public recharging points or for public use has been implemented.

In this way the electric user will be able to find the charging socket always suitable for his needs.

Do not risk not having the right plug!

Here are the most common types of socket:


For alternating current AC
Mode 2 and Mode 3

Vehicle side and column side, single-phase and three-phase, 2 pilot contacts, maximum 32 A (single-phase 230 V) and 63 A (three-phase 400V).


For direct current DC
Mode 4

It is the DC standard of Japanese manufacturers. Usually vehicles with CHAdeMo connector also have connectors for AC charging.

CCS (Combined Charging System) o Combo2

For direct current DC
Mode 4

The AC socket is in fact constituted by the Type 2, integrating two contacts for the DC at the bottom.
This system is adopted by European car manufacturers and is becoming the standard for high power recharges (from 50kW upwards) in Europe and US.