VP Solar leader in the electric mobility sector: the 2021 price list launched

The new year has arrived and VP Solar decided to renew the price list dedicated to the electric mobility sector, considerably increasing the very rich product offer.

Thanks to the new solutions, VP Solar is able to meet the demands of all the pros in the sector, ensuring the supply of charging infrastructures that cover realities ranging from the private sector, to the high speed charges with 150 kW direct current columns.

Charging stations for private and semi-public sector

Smart charging systems for electric vehicles, extremely easy to use and equipped with both type 1 and 2 charging plugs.

These products are proposed with charging powers ranging from 7.4 to 22 kW. They can be acquired with different accessories:

  • Intelligent charging management systems that balance power based on availability, both on a single station and on multiple stations which can be found for example in a hotel or a condominium parking lot.
  • Integrated cable
  • Display: to ensure a simple and immediate interface
  • Link to portal via LAN/WLAN
  • Multi-user management systems with RFID cards
  • Wall cable support

VP Solar also offers several solutions that allow to combine photovoltaics string inverters and AC electric vehicle charging stations on a single product.

Charging stations for the public sector

Vp Solar’s rich proposal includes a wide range of ground columns as well. These devices, which can be used in both semi-public and public sector, have an elegant and robust  variety again with many accessories combinable:

  • Multi-user management system
  • Multi-vehicle charging
  • Ready for the combination of automated payment systems

This year the big news is the introduction of direct current charging systems with powers ranging from 25 kW up to 150 kW, all with CCS or CHAdeMO plugs.

Infrastructure accessories

In addition to this range of products, mounting accessories such as: stands with LED light and wallbox protections, base plates for ground stations, steel columns and poles, protective roofs are also available.