Trina Solar, innovation and sustainability in all products

Trina Solar, a world leader in the production of photovoltaic panels, since 1997 offers high quality and efficiency solutions, suitable for any system and every need of the various professionals in the sector.

Innovation and sustainability are two of the company’s strong points. Trina Solar has always invested in the research and development sector with around 1000 patents filed to date in the photovoltaic sector and also, each product is thoroughly tested to guarantee high standards of reliability and environmental sustainability.

All these features are also combined with excellent performance and warranties.

DE08M.08(II) series 375/380W

A high-quality series from Trina is given by the DE08M.08 (II) monocrystalline modules ranging from 370 to 380 W.

These panels have a high efficiency thanks to the half-cut cell technology that allows you to achieve a higher yield even in conditions of high operating temperatures.

This series of photovoltaic modules has excellent reliability performance with a maximum load of 5400 Pa on the front side and 2400 Pa on the back of the panel.

DE09.08 Vertex Series 395/400W

The first photovoltaic module for residential use with 400Wp power class, a panel with the right balance  among  power, efficiency, dimensions, weight and mechanical load.

The Vertex series panels are equipped with various design and technological features that allow ​high output power even in a limited space​ allowing 21.1% module efficiency with high density cell interconnection.