Trina Solar, innovation and sustainability in all products

Trina Solar, a world leader in the production of photovoltaic panels, since 1997 offers high quality and efficiency solutions, suitable for any system and every need of the various professionals in the sector.

Innovation and sustainability are two of the company’s strong points. Trina Solar has always invested in the research and development sector with around 1000 patents filed to date in the photovoltaic sector and also, each product is thoroughly tested to guarantee high standards of reliability and environmental sustainability.

All these features are also combined with excellent performance and warranties.


One of the series of modules proposed by VP Solar is TSM-DE06M.08 (II). Available in sizes 330-335-340 W, it is a photovoltaic panel with 120 monocrystalline cells, with a maximum efficiency of 19.9% ​​and a positive power tolerance of 0/5 W.

This particular series is easy to use on residential systems where there is little space on the roof. This is due to the excellent power density of the 199 W / m2 module. The maximum system voltage value of 1500V is also excellent.

For these panels, the warranty is 10 years on the product and 25 on linear performance.


VP Solar also offers polycrystalline photovoltaic modules with 120 cells: TSM-PE06H. This panel is available in size 285 W with a white black sheet.

This solution provides a panel with 5 busbars, ideal for large-scale installations. The half-cell design also allows obtaining optimal performances, even at low temperatures, improving the production density on m2.

Both these series are subjected to numerous quality test and have different certificates that allow all installers to be able to use them in different sites and environmental conditions:

  • IEC61701 for salt mist corrosion
  • IEC62716 for ammonia corrosion
  • IEC60068 for blowing sand