Steca Katek charge controllers and inverters for off-grid photovoltaic systems

Steca is one of the world leaders in the production of electronic components for off-grid photovoltaic systems. In the catalog you can find various types of charge regulators from 6 to 140 A in the classic battery voltages 12/24/48 V.

Basic and Classic and Advance charge controllers range

The range starts from the smallest and simplest SolSum and Solarix PRS with PWM technology defined Basic which have LED indications on their operation, passing through the Classic category regulators starting from 10A with the PR and Solarix series always with PWM technology with display for programming and display of their operation but also with MPPT technology of the Solarix MPPT series precisely.

Solarix 2020-x2 can handle 2 separate battery packs

Included in this category is the Solarix 2020-x2 controller which has LED indications but can be equipped with an external display which has the particularity of being able to manage two separate battery packs, therefore ideal for campers where you can charge the service battery and at the same time devote part of the energy to maintaining the charge of the starter battery.

Tarom and Power Tarom for medium to large systems

Finally, in the Advanced category there are the Tarom and Power Tarom useful in medium-large systems with currents from 45 to 140 A of PWM technology but also the Tarom MPPT with double input channel for tracking the maximum power point.

These controllers have displays but above all additional functions such as integrated data logger and any contacts for managing loads, especially useful in telecommunication systems.

Steca Katek exclusively produces pure sine wave inverters

In addition to charge controllers, Steca exclusively produces pure sine wave inverters, therefore there are the 450 or 900 VA Solarix PI in 12/24/48 V battery voltages which have the particularity of being able to be paralleled up to 4 machines in the same system so you can expand your system at will.

The AJ series, more refined in electronics, guarantees higher efficiency with powers ranging from 250 VA to 2 kVA.

The Xtender series, which includes XTS, XTM and XTH, to distinguish them in the various power classes, offer additional performance thanks to the included AC battery charger and load transfer function.

Thanks to the infinite programming that can be carried out through the RCC-02 display, they can be used in any situation, from simple stand-alone systems, to hybrid systems with generator backup, to UPS systems and much more.

These inverters can also be paralleled and can also work in three-phase triples.

Xtender can be equipped with numerous accessories, modems for data remote control and CAN communication for the use of certain lithium batteries.

PLI “all-in-one” series for small or medium stand-alone systems

Last but not least, the PLI series includes in a single chassis everything that can be used to create small or medium stand-alone systems.

The PLI can be considered an “all-in-one” since it includes a photovoltaic charge controller with MPPT technology, a pure sine wave inverter, a 230 Vac battery charger with relative exchange system.

Thanks to the transfer speed from alternating source and batteries it can also be used as a UPS. Three power sizes in the three standard voltage levels 12/24/48 V, the two bigger brothers can be connected via accessory up to nine pieces in a single phase or in three-phase triples.