SolarEdge three-phase StorEdge inverter compatible with BYD and LG Chem

SolarEdge with the release of the new firmware v4.11.xx has further expanded the range of batteries compatible with the StorEdge three-phase solution, including the BYD Premium LVS range in addition to LG RESU 48 V batteries.

StorEdge three-phase inverter from 5 to 10 kW

SolarEdge’s new 3-ph StorEdge inverter is available in 4 power class, from 5 to 10 kW with a 12-year factory warranty, with the option to extend it up to 20 or even 25 years.

Wide range of optimizers

Through the wide range of optimizers it is possible to connect any type of mono/poly and non-crystalline modules that do not need functional grounding in a single series of optimizaer, with consequent savings in wiring and protections (BOS), thus having complete monitoring module by module.

Integrated 5kW 48 V battery charger

The powerful integrated 5 kW 48 V battery charger can manage lithium-ion batteries with both CAN and RS485 communication for example BYD Premium LVS or LG Chem Resu 48 V, therefore you have the possibility to have variable capacities between 4 and 24 kWh.

With future firmware updates it will be possible to insert battery packs in parallel so as to further expand the capacity range.

Smart management of loads

As with the other SolarEdge inverters, this hybrid inverter also has the possibility of the smart management of various loads through the optional Smart Energy accessories such as the controller for immersion heaters, the dry contact for controlling, for example, heat pumps or any household appliance through the smart sockets.

Commissioning is fast and easy thanks to the quick-install menu of the SetApp app.

For new systems, expand existing systems and retrofit in AC side

The three-phase StorEdge inverter is very flexible thanks to the various working modes, it can be used on new systems, but also to expand existing systems with SolarEdge three-phase inverters both with the addition of additional modules but also used as AC-side retrofit inverter.

It can be used as an AC-side retrofit inverter even on systems without SolarEdge inverters thanks to the possibility of installing a second meter downstream of the third-party inverter.

Operating mode

Again as regards the operating modes, the basic configuration with a single inverter includes all four functions:

  • Self-Consumption Maximization;
  • StorEdge profile programming;
  • Export limitation;
  • Zero feed-in

If Smart Energy devices are used, the Zero feed-in operating mode can’t be used, while if it is used as AC retrofit in addition it will not even be possible to use StorEdge charge/discharge programming profile.

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SolarEdge: three phase inverter StorEdge 5 / 7 / 8 / 10 kW


StorEdge three-phase inverter with battery storage. It allows you to connect 48V low voltage batteries of various sizes.

  • 12 year guarantee
  • DC coupling on new systems, and AC coupling on existing systems
  • Available: SE5K-RWS / SE7K-RWS / SE8K-RWS / SE10K-RWS

The new StorEdge three-phase inverter for grid-connected applications integrates the management of solar production, storage and domestic energy in a single inverter for simplified installation and warehouse management and a faster return on the system investment.

The StorEdge three-phase solution is compatible with 48V batteries LG Chem and BYD

  • Simple installation with a single inverter to manage both photovoltaic production and battery storage
  • Designed to eliminate high voltage during installation, maintenance or transport in order to optimize safety
  • Built-in module-level monitoring and full visibility of battery status, photovoltaic production and self-consumption data
  • More energy by exploiting the architecture of the DC coupled solution that accumulates photovoltaic power directly in the battery without losses due to conversion to AC
  • Quick and simplified commissioning of the inverter from a smartphone using SolarEdge SetApp
  • Allows you to connect low voltage 48V batteries from different vendors to offer greater flexibility