VP Solar and Tadiran Group: an ambitious plan

Treviso, 30th March 2023. VP Solar and Tadiran Group announced an ambitious four-year plan during K.EY in Rimini. VP Solar has been operating in Italy and in Europe, while Tadiran has been present for 60 years in the market. A doubling of turnover forecast is expected within the next 4 years, meaning approximately 1.5 billion Euros per year.

The growth expected in renewables energies which represent the main business of the Group, in addition to air conditioning systems, heat pumps, air purification, UPS. Tadiran Group has a total of 600 employees, several production sites in addition to the headquarters in Israel. VP Solar, based in Italy, has been developping business in over 30 countries.

The previous strategic growth plan was in 2020 by aiming of doubling turnover by 2025, a goal already exceeded in 2022.

Moshe Mamrud, CEO and controlling shareholder of the Group, after the time spent in Los Angeles for the new advertising campaign of Tadiran with Morgan Freeman, attended the opening of the K.EY trade fair to present the plan and underline the strategic role of VP Solar in Europe.

We wanted to share to the market – says Stefano Loro, CEO and founder of VP Solar – the company’s development guidelines in the coming years, in the integrated energy systems in the European market. Photovoltaics, storage, charging systems for electric vehicles and heat pumps are some of the technologies that VP Solar distributes to B2B sector in Europe.
In order to achieve the fixed goals with the four-year development plan, we have been investing in many directions: to strengthen the team, new corporate digital systems, new headquarters in www.Enerpark.it

VP Solar is selecting several professional to strengthening its team, as shown on https://www.vpsolar.com/lavora-con-noi/