SolarEdge: new inverter with charger for electric vehicles

SolarEdge’s new single-phase inverters SE3680H, SE4000H, SE5000H, SE6000H are the first in the world with chargers for electric vehicles.  The customers can recharge their cars with photovoltaic energy, increasing self-consumption and decreasing costs in the bill.

Main features inverter with battery charger

Thanks to the new SolarEdge inverter, it will no longer be necessary to install an additional charger, as with this new system, electric vehicles will recharge 2.5 times faster than with traditional chargers. On this device you can also benefit from the integration with the SolarEdge monitoring platform, so you can always keep an eye on the state of charge of the battery.

Also, this new system guarantees:

  • Intelligent programming with time band rates
  • Operation and commissioning via APP
  • Display of the energy contained in the batteries, the duration of the recharge and the percentage of charge via photovoltaic energy

What are the advantages?

The new inverters, in addition to maximizing self-consumption by using excess photovoltaic energy to recharge the vehicle, guarantee many other advantages:

  • 99% efficiency
  • High reliability
  • Being small and light, it is very easy to install
  • Like other inverters of this brand, this is also designed to work with Solaredge power optimizers
  • It has a 12-year warranty, extendable to 20 or 25