StorEdge SolarEdge single-phase and three-phase inverters

The storage market is becoming more and more established and changing the way energy is consumed in the private sector, creating new opportunities for installers.

SolarEdge has been studying StorEdge solutions that combine the technology of its photovoltaic inverters with battery storage systems.

HD-Wave StorEdge single phase solution

The StorEdge HD-Wave hybrid single-phase inverter for grid-connected applications integrates the management of solar production, storage and domestic energy in a single inverter for simplified installation and warehouse management and a faster return on system investment.

For new installations

Ideal solution for new installations where a single inverter manages photovoltaic production, battery storage and smart energy devices.

For existing installations with third party inverters

It can also be used in existing systems with third-party single-phase or three-phase inverters.

The single-phase HD-Wave StorEdge inverter connects to the AC output of the non-SolarEdge inverter (coupled in AC).

In this way, the StorEdge inverter charges the battery using the energy produced by the non-SolarEdge inverter.

The single-phase StorEdge solution is compatible with LG Chem RESU 7H and 10H high voltage batteries.

StorEdge three phase

The StorEdge three-phase inverter currently available with a maximum system power of 11.08 KW is the ideal solution for three-phase systems with battery storage.

Also in this case, a single inverter manages both photovoltaic production and battery storage, thus simplifying installation.

By exploiting the architecture of the DC coupled solution that accumulates photovoltaic power directly in the battery without losses due to conversion to AC, it makes more use of the energy produced by the system.

The three-phase StorEdge solution is compatible with 48V LG Chem and BYD batteries