Jinko Tiger Neo N JKMxxxN-72HL4-V – 585 Wp

Jinko Tiger Neo series JKMxxxN-72HL4 N-type monocrystalline photovoltaic module.

  • Maximum efficiency 22,65%
  • 144 cells
  • Super multi-Busbar technology
  • Available size: 585 Wp

Jinko Tiger Neo N 585 Wp is a monocrystalline N-type photovoltaic module with 144 cells.

The product utilises Super multi-Bubsar technology for better light capture and current harvesting.

Snow and wind resistance

Jinko Tiger Neo N 585 Wp is resistant to snow up to 5400 Pa and wind up to 2400 Pa.


The warranty covers the product for 12 years and performance for 30 years, with a 0.40% drop in the first year guaranteeing 87.4% after 30 years.