GoodWe awarded as the best Asian manufacturer in SPI 2022 tests

For the third year in a row GoodWe participated in tests at the University of Applied Sciences of Berlin (HTW) which assessed the System Performance Index (SPI) within the Electricity Storage Inspection 2022.

The University of Berlin pooled data from 14 corporates by comparing 22 storage systems of inverters with power classes from 5 to 10kW. The System Performance Index (SPI) is an economic index stating how much the examinated storage system reduces electricity costs compared to an ideal one.

The better the efficiency features, the higher saving costs.

The hybrid inverters of  ET and EH series were part of assessment,  reaching a System Performance Index (SPI) of 93.4% and 91.2% each together with BYD batteries.

Second place to GoodWe 5000-EH and GoodWe 10k-ET

The exceptional efficiency of 5 kW EH inverter series granted the second place in the category of 5MWh / a consumption with 5kWp of photovoltaics.

The 10kW version of ET series got second place in the standings only with 1.7 percentage points of difference compared to the first classified in the 10 MWh / y consumption category with electric car and heat pump.

Besides GoodWe has recently launched the ET PLUS + version with better performance and it is compatible with the new high voltage battery of Lynx Home F series.

Based on the carried out tests it is clear that with the GoodWe 5000-EH and 10k-ET hybrid inverters and the installation of a simple photovoltaic storage system, a homeowner will pay back the investment in 7 years only, in terms of CO2 emissions as well as financially.