Kostal PIKO CI inverters for commercial, industrial and utility scale systems

Kostal expands its range with the introduction on the market of Kostal PIKO CI inverters in sizes 30, 50 and 60 kW, to serve medium-large plants.

Maximum flexibility and efficiency

The configuration of the photovoltaic generator is very flexible, the smaller size has 2 maximum power point trackers while the two bigger brothers have 4.

Thanks to the wide MPPT range with absolute maximum input voltage of 1100 V and the start voltage of 250 V, the system will come into service very early in the morning, producing the maximum possible energy throughout the day.

The maximum allowed overload is 150% while also ensuring economy.

Quick installation without string box

Installation is quick thanks to the possibility of not installing the string panels given the SPD Type 2 both on the DC side but also on the AC side and the integrated fuse holders.

The accessories included as standard are completed by the DC disconnect switch and the integrated Smart AC Switch.

Kostal PIKO CI with IP65 protection ideal for indoor and outdoor installations

The protection degree IP65 makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor installations. The AC side connection is 4-wire without neutral.

Integrated WLAN and dedicated Kostal PIKO CI App

Commissioning is quick and intuitive thanks to the integrated WLAN and the dedicated KOSTAL CI app.

The data logger is built in and thanks to the optional antenna, the WLAN can be used for the transmission of monitoring data via the web portal or free Kostal apps.

There are also 2 LAN ports with integrated switch so the communication can be via in-out design.

RS485 communication interfaces

The communication interfaces are completed with RS485 for connection to third-party monitoring platform and plant controllers.

The new Kostal PIKO CI are also compatible with the Smart Energy Meter so as to be able to directly perform the dynamic limitation of the power fed into the grid.

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Kostal PIKO CI 50 kW

PIKO CI (Commercial Inverters) series optimized for the needs of large photovoltaic systems.
Greater safety and efficiency, lower additional costs thanks to the integrated Kostal Smart AC Switch which makes external pling switches redundant.

  • system voltage of up to 1100 V
  • DC installation without any string distribution boxes
  • Over-assignment of up to 50% (DC to AC) permits flexible generator design
  • Available: 50 KW

Smart Project Design

  • Optimised generator design with system voltage of up to 1100 V
  • Integrated KOSTAL Smart AC Switch takes the place of the external circuit breaker
  • Simple DC installation at an attractive cost without any string distribution boxes
  • Generator is disconnected on site by integrated DC voltage separator
  • Over-assignment of up to 50% (DC to AC) permits flexible generator design

Smart Performance

  • Maximum energy yield thanks to high certified efficiency (>98%)
  • In the event of an error, individual strings are shut down to maintain high availability
  • The connected PV strings are monitored in pairs for optimum monitoring and service
  • Integrated, certified grid service functions ensure reliable operatio


  • Simple communication (daisy chain) via dual LAN interface (RJ45) with integrated switch
  • Tried and tested communication via RS485 bus integrated as standard
  • Compatible with many plant controllers and data loggers, so you can use the monitoring system you prefer
  • Trouble-free use in direct marketing thanks integrated feed management
  • Integrated data loggers back system information up at all times

Easy installation

  • Optimum protection from dust and water for tough outdoor use (protection class IP65)
  • Low weight for simple transport and installation
  • Quick, uncomplicated, and tool‑free AC and DC installation
  • Protection against overvoltage on the AC and DC side
  • Cost-optimised 4-wire AC connection, no neutral wire