Solis: the new series of three-phase inverters 80 – 110 kW

Solis introduces the new Solis-(80-110) K-5G-PRO series of three-phase inverters, the fifth generation of models from Ginlong Technologies, manufacturer of Solis-branded inverters designed to provide high-quality solutions. With the experience gained from the previous 100-110K models, Solis has created a new range of 80, 100 and 110kW size products suitable to support all C&I projects.

New 36A and 32A MPPTs

Key features include the new 36A and 32A MPPTs, these allow the use of new generation PV panels (bi-facial and non-facial) at high current.

The number of string connections and robust internal design allow the inverter to be configured up to 150% DC/AC ratio.

In the 80kW product there are 3 36A and 3 32A MPPTs for a total of 12 direct connections; while in the 100 and 110kW sizes there are 4 36A and 32A MPPTs, for a total of 16 direct connections.

Internal DC structure and Y connectors

The internal DC structure is also compatible with external “Y” connectors, these ensure the ability to double the available string connections effectively making the product compatible with retrofit/revamping actions where older panel types are present.

The large AC compartment ensures the use of aluminum cables, so that lower cost cables can be used thus reducing LCOE.

In addition, the separate compartment provides IP66 protection rating, ideal for installation in particularly harsh environments.

The product structure is complemented by an intelligent fan system and an aluminum alloy shell design with C5 multilayer anti-corrosion coating.

State-of-the-art safety and configuration

When it comes to safety, the new 80-110 PRO series is also state-of-the-art: the inverters integrate DC/AC type 2 surge arresters and the AFCI activatable function, which proactively reduces the risk of fire.

Configuration that is done via the convenient display that is combined with advanced communication modes via RS485/Wi-Fi/GPRS architectures.

This makes the product simple in the configuration procedure but, at the same time, advanced through management via the SolisCloud platform. The tools provided by the Solis cloud platform, including intelligent I-V curve scanning, can effectively reduce costs and simplify maintenance, improving system efficiency.

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Solis-(80-110) K-5G-PRO

The Solis (80-110) K – 5G – PRO series of three-phase inverters is the 5th generation of models from manufacturer Ginlong Technology, designed to provide solutions for C&I projects

  • 6/8 MPPT
  • IP66
  • Power line communication (PLC)
  • MC4 connectors
  • Type II dischargers on DC and AC side
  • Sizes available: 80K – 100K – 110K

Solis (80-110) K – 5G – PRO features a design with 6/8 MPPT and maximum input current per string 18A. Compatible with high-efficiency double-sided modules, it has a maximum efficiency of 98.5% making these inverters versatile and flexible; also compatible with RS485 / PLC / WiFi / GPRS communication modes.

 This series of inverters supports “Y” type connection on the DC side and allows the use of aluminum cables on the AC side. It features nighttime SVG (Static VAR Generator) function and intelligent string-level monitoring with I-V curve.

 IP66 protection and AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter) function, which proactively reduces the risk of fire, built-in anti PID function and DC input with MC4 connectors.

 Possibility of 150% oversizing.