VP Solar B-Smart Energy Tour Survey

VP Solar B-Smart Energy Tour ended up successfully after touching 9 Italian cities.

Started on September 27th in Padua till 13th October in Parma.

14 Partners  and more than 200 customers attended the events. Discussion, suggestions and vision of the future were the main with the participants.

The format was particularly appreciated by participants giving them important indications on the market overview and its possible evolution.

Business challenges, practical suggestions to face them and the current political situation whilst keeping up with the new trend technologies gave interesting information to the audience.

We would like to share with you some considerations rised up during the Road Show

The just ended Superbonus 110% period given by the Italian Government has been complicated for the majority of attendees. Main problems are related to material sourching difficulties and a highly concentration of work in a short time, making overall management particularly complicated. Customers sourced several suppliers in order to complete the work and some of them also changed kind of sectors.

After a deep market reflection, the audience focuses their business on two segments: residential and C&I.

Two sectors on which there is a great potential in the near future. Among all technologies that perhaps will have the highest weight in the activities of installers stands out the photovoltaic, followed by residential storage.

Particular importance is given to the charging stations, in view of a high increase in e-mobility, followed by heat pumps benefiting from high-performance performance in terms of energy consumption.

After a first part dedicated to market analysis, we evaluated how installers are preparing themselves to 2023. Planning resources in the best possible way to avoid lack of materials as experienced recently.

Trends and critical issues that emerged from the survey

Trends and critical issues touched during the 9 events lead installers to consider including commercial storage to their service offer. Whereas revamping is directly related to the systems installed between 2011 and 2013. Interest is also focused to the air conditioning and heat pumps, which cover a good piece of market.

Installers expressed the need to have a guide who lead them in the forecast choice. Besides it is relevant  the need to be updated regarding the market news and technologies. The combination between inverter and storage is still a problem, which is solved by following the Storage Map, which can be downloaded for free directly.

Courses to be up-to-dated are mostly appreciated online, although a good number of participants request face-to-face meetings. In-depth studies on Energy Communities, which find a wide interest in the current historical moment, Industrial Storage, Revamping and Charging Columns are the main topics required.

Installers and social platforms

Installers on social platforms are in line with the current trend, in fact most of them have a Meta social account, followed by Linkedin and Twitter. Technical information is found online mainly from the website www.vpsolar.com and online sector magazines.

Online activity plays an important role when searching for new products and suppliers. We understand how much the web is an increasingly important tool for the development of the installer’s activity.

9 stages of the VP Solar B-Smart Energy Tour were important to us in order to have a broader view of needs and requirements of our daily interlocutors, keeping up to strengthen the existing professional relationships.