Storage Map to choose the optimal storage system

The panorama of storage solutions available for the European market is constantly evolving, with new products and manufacturers. The requests and volumes also increase and often collide with shortage situations generated by global producers who are unable to respond to the growth trend of the market.

Furthermore, the technical characteristics, performances and relative guarantees of the systems receive continuous updates.

For these reasons, the designer, the installer and the energy systems sales company need an up-to-date orientation tool, which can help in professional activities to identify the most consistent storage system with the needs of the end customer. and any alternatives available on the market.

Storage Map published the new and updated and renewed version

The Storage Map is, together with the Storage Guide, the tool that VP Solar has designed for this purpose and which has been updated every year for 8 years.

The new edition has been published in these days, which includes many innovations and presents in table mode the many solutions consistent, comparable in a simple way according to the main characteristics:

  • inverter type (hybrid, retrofit only or battery only) and relative power; type of grid connection (DC side, AC side or both)
  • type of network (single-phase and three-phase)
  • any back-up function
  • compatible batteries and technical and dimensional characteristics of the storage system