Pylontech a complete range of high and low voltage batteries for every need

With over 1.5 GWh of batteries installed, Pylontech is a world leader in the production of both low and high voltage LFP (lithium iron phosphate) batteries.

Pylontech batteries main features

Pylontech branded batteries represent excellence in the market as the company takes care of all stages, from design to construction, down to the smallest detail.
Therefore, there are batteries with a longer life cycle.

Pylontech produces safe batteries as it uses high quality materials, the LFP chemistry is very stable as a molecular structure, resists high temperatures (compliant with VDE 2510-50 safety regulations)

The modular structure allows to expand the storage capacity even in subsequent moments and makes the storage system easy to install.

Thanks to the wide working temperature range, the batteries can be installed both outdoors and indoors, depending on the containment cabinet used.

In any case, it is always advisable to install the batteries inside with temperatures between 15 and 30° C so that they work in the ideal range, without derating with consequent prolongation of the battery life.

The BMS (Battery Management System) with advanced technology, are designed to check and balance the cells and give any reports of malfunctions in real time.

Pylontech low voltage battery series

Rack cabinet batteries, ideal for residential systems with 90% depth of discharge.

US 2000

Cabinet from 1 to 8 modules for solutions from 2.4 to 19.2KW/h

US 3000

Cabinet from 1 to 8 modules for solutions from 3.55 to 28.4 KW/h

Pylontech high voltage battery series


cabinet from 2 to 10 modules for solutions from 4.8 to 24 kWh.

VP Solar Storage Map

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