GoodWe ESA the innovative all-in-one system

Introduced the new all-in-one storage system consisting of hybrid inverter and GoodWe brand batteries.

What is an all-in-one storage system?

By all-in-one storage system we mean a machine that integrates both the inverter and the storage system, to the advantage of space and installation time, but above all of the assistance and guarantee that is unique!

GoodWe ESA: features

GoodWe ESA is the new integrated model launched on the market by GoodWe, it consists of a 5 kW single-phase hybrid inverter and a storage system consisting of 2 5.4 kWh battery packs with a maximum capacity of 10.8 kWh.​

GoodWe  ESA: a safe and easy to install product

It is also equipped with a backup function, thus guaranteeing the use of electricity stored or arriving from the sun even in the event of a blackout and in total safety.

To facilitate installation, the ESA system is already pre-wired with the disconnectors for batteries, strings and the two outputs on AC side, for this reason it guarantees an installation time reduced by 50% compared to other models on the market. With only three steps, the system will, in fact, be connected to the network.

Lightweight pedestal installation design

Thanks to the light and compact design but above all to the IP65 protection for the inverter part and IP54 for the battery compartment, it is possible to install Esa both indoors and outdoors.

It adapts perfectly to small spaces and technical  homes room thanks to its basement and wall bracket.

All these features make this product ideal for the customer who is looking for a system that is in step with the times, efficient and of quality.

GoodWe leader in the production of photovoltaic inverters

The Company was named in 2020 as the No. 1 solar inverter manufacturer by Wood Meckenzie and was ranked among the top 10 suppliers according to IHS Markit, obtaining the “all quality matters” award from TÜV Rheinland for 5 years.

Thanks to the high investments, the large team that deals with research and development and a synergistic pre/post sales system all over the world, GoodWe offers a wide range of high quality inverters, from residential to utility scale, hybrid systems with low and high voltage batteries with cutting-edge technology, excellent performance with efficient worldwide support to its customers.

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GoodWe ESA – all-in-one – from 5.4 to 10.8 kWh


GoodWe ESA is a compact all-in-one solution, a hybrid system that combines the photovoltaic inverter and storage batteries.

  • 5kW AC output
  • Low voltage lithium-ion batteries (48V nominal)
  • Storage capacity up to 10.8kWh (2 batteries of 5.4kWh)
  • Integrated 4.6kW UPS


GoodWe ESA is a modular system that integrates hybrid inverter, battery charger, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) in a single enclosure. In addition to this, thanks to the pre-arranged wiring, GoodWe ESA results being really easy to install.

Other characteristics:

  • Connectivity via RJ-45 and Wi-Fi
  • Energy meter with CT
  • Maximum efficiency 97.6%
  • Integrated battery management system
  • Battery current: 100A
  • Integrated protections

Internet connection

The inverter integrated into the all-in-one system is able to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi.

For this to be possible, however, it is necessary to carry out a first configuration through the GoodWe web portal or mobile app (PV Master). The latter allows to manage the system according to the user’s needs.