Solar-Log 1200


Solar-Log 1200 monitoring device ideal for small and medium systems. Graphical representation and commands on the TFT-Touch-Display in color and on LCD-Status-Display dynamic.

  • Maximum dimensions of the 100 kWp system
  • Optional Powermanagement
  • Color touch display

The Solar-Log 1200 is a universal talent for private and commercial photovoltaic plants with a maximum plant size of 100 kWp. In addition to precise monitoring for failures and yield irregularities, the energy management system provides comprehensive functions and visualization.

Available in more variations: Standard, PM+, GPRS, PM+/GPRS, Meter

Solar-Log 1200 Easy Installation

The inverter detection and Internet registration are carried out immediately. The installation status is indicated on the LCD status display. It is possible to configure the Solar-Log via the PC Web interface.

Smart Energy

Self-consumption can be measured and displayed as a graph with an energy meter Smart Energy logics activate and deactivate individual appliances depending on the amount of available energy.


The Solar-Log™ can be operated from a computer with a web browser or directly via the device’s TFT-Touch-Display. The graphical reports of yield data are visualized on the color
TFT-Touch-Display and via the web browser. Remote access is possible with the Solar-Log WEB Enerest™ XL.


A maximum of 100 inverters, just one manufacturer per bus, maximum plant size 100 kWp. Inverters can be connected via an RS485/422 and a RS485 interface or an Ethernet connection.

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