Photovoltaic panels: new price list

The photovoltaic market is always dynamic and provides continuous development of  the products’ characteristics and technology performances, in addition to the constant increase of the competition in the market.


Elimination of the MIP (minimum import price)

One of the turning point on the photovoltaic market is the European commission decision to eliminate the MIP (minimum import price), which generated significant changes on the quotations.

This is the reason why VP Solar is frequently changing its price lists, especially on the photovoltaic modules, to allow its own professional clients to access the best quotes whenever they need.

Photovoltaic panels technology

The new photovoltaic modules’ price list presents many technologies, as:

  • Monocrystalline modules with PERC cell technology
  • High efficiency panels
  • Bifacial modules
  • Half-cells modules
  • Monocrystalline and polycristalline modules

Our quality brand solutions are: Q CellsLGTrina SolarPanasonicJinko SolarKioto SolarBenQConergy.

Photovoltaic modules are suitable for many applications

They can be used for utility-scale, industrial, commercial and residential applications, both for grid-connected and off-grid plants.

Big commercial plants benefit from special offers and technical support

Particular conditions are given for commercial plants, particularly for those from 100kW to 1MW, which can also benefit from specific pre-sale technical support activities to identify the best solutions. The VP Solar engineers’ team is also available in case of revamping.

Complete kit solutions available

From 1999, VP Solar has developed complete kit solutions including all the components needed for the installation in order to complete a plant in a very easy and competitive way: PV panels, inverters, wiring system, mounting and monitoring system. In the recent years the kits proposed have been integrated with other technologies as storage systems, heat-pumps or electric vehicles charging stations.

B2B distributor, reference point for operators in the sector

VP Solar is a B2B distributor that operates only with professionals of the sectors in the international and Italian market offering a wide range of products and technologies in the energy field as: solar photovoltaic, thermodynamic and thermic; energy storage system, electric vehicles charging stations; heat-pumps.