DMEGC: Tier 1 PV Modules Manufacturer

VP Solar is a distributor of DMEGC Solar modules. Established in 1980, DMEGC Solar has a strong dedication to becoming the global leader in renewable energy.

It operates five manufacturing facilities, four operative and one under construction, located in China, with a combined production of 14GW solar cells and 12GW solar modules in 2023.

DMEGC Solar reached more than 28 GW of cumulative shipments and delivered 5.5 GW to Europe in 2022. DMEGC Solar operates in the residential, the commercial (C&I), Utility scale, special installations and revamping plants.

DMEGC Solar has emerged as a distinguished global PV manufacturer, recognized for its product quality, reliable power generation performance, and efficient PV solutions.

DMEGC Solar has been awarded the prestigious “Top Brand PV Modules” badge in 2023 for the sixth consecutive year. This award serves underlines company’s competitive edge and the trust it has earned from customers in the European PV market.

Wide range of modules

New range of N-TYPE M10 modules incorporating state-of-the-art cell technologies with incredible performance. Modules from 420 Wp to 630 Wp

PERC M6 and M10 modules including some Full Black module sizes awarded in March 2023 by TÜV NORD Quality & Performance Award 2023. 380Wp to 600Wp modules.

DMEGC Solar for C&I Solutions

With the utilization of advanced technology, DMEGC Solar delivers innovative PV products and solutions that optimize energy utilization, maximizing value for customers. Through intelligent and digitally-driven project implementations, DMEGC Solar enables customers to achieve cost savings in installation and investment while benefiting from high-performance products.

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