SolarEdge Smart module – SPVxxx-R54JWML – mono – 410 Wp / 145 Wp

SolarEdge’s Smart Module with integrate power optimizers that enable higher energy production.

  • 25-year warranty on module and performance
  • Advanced security with built-in SafeDC function

PERC photovoltaic module with integrated power optimizers and half-cut technology, which makes the panel even more efficient and safe.

These modules integrate with SolarEdge Home solutions and are designed to work specifically with SolarEdge inverters and batteries as well as various home automation accessories.

By choosing SolarEdge, you can benefit from a single manufacturer for warranties and support services.

With constant monitoring of the maximum power point (MPPT), energy production is optimized and maximum output can be utilized.

Thanks to state-of-the-art optimizers that detect abnormal connector behaviors, module safety is greater than other products.

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