VP Solar new price list for Inverters

VP Solar has published the new price list concerning the photovoltaic inverters.
There are a lot of new features that enrich the already existing offer making it more complete, both in the optimization system, in the string conversion, both single-phase and three-phase, and in the centralized inverters.

Particularly advantageous conditions in the new price list for Inverters

VP Solar is a B2B distributor that  offers special conditions to its customers, thanks to the framework European regulations that the company is able to define in relation to the significant overall volumes developed.

Commercial PV installations

For commercial PV installation, VP Solar offers different specific packages developed together with the producers, starting from the photovoltaic modules, inverters, cabling systems, mounting and monitoring systems.

Revamping interventions

For revamping interventions and O&M, VP Solar offers specific logistics and technical services in order to make the best choices to improve the plant performance and to be able to count on a stock of components that are always available and ready for delivery, so that to limit the plant downtime.

Orders scheduled with particular conditions

VP Solar sales team is always available to plan scheduled orders that can benefit of special conditions and can eliminate the risk of shortage on specific products and in specific times of the year.

Pre-configured system kits

VP Solar offers pre-configured system kits to simplify the dedicated proposal; the kit can include all the components needed for a photovoltaic plant, but in some cases they integrate other technologies in the system, such as: storage systems, heat pumps and cooling, thermodynamic solar and charging stations for electric cars.