New 210 mm N-type i-TOPcon cells from Trina Solar

Global photovoltaic module manufacturer Trina Solar Co. Ltd. has started up its new production line for i-TOPcon 210mm N-type cells.

Production started at the Suqian plant in Jiangsu Province with a current production capacity of 8 GW will enable the production of cells for the new generation of Vertex N modules, which will have a power output of up to 605 W and an efficiency of 22.4%.

Vertex N modules 605W

The capacity of this 8 GW factory with an area of 70,000 square metres allows Trina Solar to meet market demands with continuous production, and the new factory’s high efficiency and advanced technologies enable it to produce higher quality products.

By 2023, the Suqian site’s production capacity is expected to increase from 8 GW to 30 GW.

Currently, the production line is mainly used for the production of 210 mm i-TOPcon N-type cells for Vertex N 605W modules.

P-type to ‘N-type’ technology

Increasingly, companies are moving from ‘P’ type technology to ‘N’ type technology, which makes the most of high power, high efficiency, high energy efficiency and high reliability.