Fronius Smart Meter, monitoring for a more efficient system

Maximizing self-consumption for the power supply of your home or industry is an efficient way to use all the energy produced by your photovoltaic system. This is possible thanks to the effective monitoring of the PV plant and the eventual accumulation energy system.

Bi-directional Fronius Smart Meter

On the other hand, the fundamental component for monitoring your system is the bi-directional Fronius Smart Meter, designed to record and store users’ daily load curves.

Thanks to this product, it is also possible to keep consumption under control, to have a complete overview of the use of your photovoltaic system.

With the data collected by the Fronius Smart Meter, it is, therefore, possible to analyze the self-consumption and the energy input into the network.

Fronius Smart Meter, a solution to increase self-consumption

These data are then inserted into detailed reports and very intuitive graphics, thanks to which it is possible to understand better the operating status of your system. In addition to this, it is possible to evaluate the convenience and feasibility of inserting an electric or thermal storage system.

Models available

The Fronius Smart Meter product series includes 2 devices: the Fronius Smart Meter 63A-3 and Fronius Smart Meter 63A-1.

The first concerns the meter dedicated to the three-phase connection, while the second relates to systems with single-phase connection.

In both cases, the maximum input current is 63A per phase, while for the rated voltage, in the single-phase version it is between 230 and 240 V in the three-phase version between 400 and 415 V.

Main advantages

Summarizing the advantages of this device, with the Fronius Smart Meter it will be possible to have:

  • Production monitoring
  • Overview of consumption
  • Reports via Email
  • Error analysis
  • Comparison of systems
  • Load management

Fronius Datamanager card to view data remotely

All Fronius inverters (Galvo, Primo, Symo, Symo Hybrid and Eco series) also guarantee remote production monitoring via Wi-Fi or LAN.

This is due to the Fronius Datamanager board which, in the FULL version of the inverters, is already integrated, while in the LIGHT version it can be integrated later.

Fronius Datamanager sends the values of the photovoltaic system directly to the online portal Fronius Solar.web, thanks to which you have at any time an overview of the operation of the plant. It, therefore, allows the inverters to be connected directly to the Internet via WLAN.