SolarEdge Home Hub Inverter Three Phase for backup applications

The Hub technology is one of the innovations coming up in 2023. Inverters at first available for three-phase applications then will be able to manage the backup power.

SolarEdge Home Inverters add on features of Wave line as well as other innovative features such as smart energy manager in the event of grid interruption providing backup power.

These inverters are equipped with Operating System SolarEdge Home, a proper smart assistant to use home energy.

A software collects information from outbound data, energy consumption and system production. It takes decisions on its own, defyining priorities and programming devices to maximize the use of solar power.

Hub Inverters are available in three phase version in the following sizes 5, 8 and 10 kW. They will be able to guarantee energy power in case of grid interruption.

Hub Inverter three phase SolarEdge Home

An innovative inverter managing the complete energy production, storage and its operation even though in case of load shredding.
Due to the CC coupled with the available energy is used to load the storage without any loss of energy in AC providing higher efficiency, flexibility and safety.

Up to a 200% oversizing in CC is the three phase Hub Inverter able to increase energy production and self-consumption.
By using only one inverter you can manage the PV production, storage and its function during any grid interruption due to the backup feature.

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Inverter Hub SolarEdge Home – three-phase – SE5K-RWB48, SE8K-RWB48, SE10K-RWB48

Three phase inverter for storage and backup applications

  • DC oversizing up to 200%
  • module-level monitoring
  • Backup function with three-phase backup interface
  • 12 years warranty

With up to 200% DC oversizing, the three-phase Hub inverter also enables increased power generation and self-consumption.

It has a built-in connection to the SolarEdge Home Network, and with SolarEdge’s SetApp, installation and commissioning are extremely quick and easy.

Simple inverter installation to manage PV production, battery storage, and operation during grid outages for whole-house backup applications.

More energy by taking advantage of the architecture of the DC-coupled solution that stores PV energy directly in the battery without AC conversion losses.

  • Deliver greater energy production over the system’s lifetime
  • Simplify installs and commissioning using the SolarEdge SetApp
  • Instill confidence with advanced safety, such as arc fault protection and emergency voltage shutdown
  • Increase system capacity by connecting multiple battery modules per inverter