K2 Dome 6: the all-around system for the flat roof

The Dome 6 system provides a flexible mounting solution suitable for all flat roof needs. 3 versions of Dome 6 mounting system assure optimized ballasting and simple mounting.

All components come from the same modular system, therefore reducing storage and transport costs. All three versions are available in the K2 Base planning software.


Dome 6 Xpress

The Dome 6 Xpress system version is supplied pre-assembled.
Only 4 steps are required and it stands out for its extraordinary quick assembly.
The alignment of the tracks with the Dome Speed ​​spacer, ensures an even quicker and easier installation.

Dome 6 Classic

Due to a flexible row spacing, the roof surface can be optimised.
Dome 6 Classic is therefore useful for roofs with many obstacles.
The system is suitable on gravel and green roofs as well as to be fixed on corrugated sheet metal.

Dome 6 Classic LS

In addition to the Dome 6 Classic system version, the Dome 6 Classic LS system allows to fasten modules on the long side.

This solution is suitable for large modules (up to 2390×1170 mm) with limited load capacity, high snow and wind loads.

K2 DocuApp

Quick, easy and no paper waste! K2 DocuApp let you save tons of paperwork. All relevant processes are clearly documented in a single app.

Another advantage: photovoltaic system can be confirmed and signed by the end customer directly on the smartphone. Once accepted, documentation is sent straight forward.


K2: Flat roof systems

K2 Systems

These systems are suitable for various types of substrates, such as bitumen, concrete, foils, green roofs, corrugated metal or gravel. The supports can be monolateral and bilateral, the angle of inclination can vary between 10 ° and 45 °.

The available solutions are as follows:

  • S-Dome 6
  • D-Dome 6
  • Triangle / MultiAngle system

The K2 systems mounting structures for flat roofs offer a complete range of products that adapt to any type of solution.

Dome 6

The range of Dome 6 mounting systems for flat roofs has been designed to optimize work and make it easier to install modules on the roof with a reduced number of components and maximum reliability.

D -Dome 6: double exposure support solution
S -Dome 6: single exposure developer solution

Both of these solutions are part of the new “Generation 6” and allow the module to be tilted by 10° with respect to the roof,

these structures are fixed to the roof in two ways:

  • Ballasted for roof pitch, if the roof has a slope of ≤ 3 °
  • Fixing with Dome FixPro for roof inclination, if the roof has an inclination between 3 ° and less than 10°

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The universal clamp that can be used is the MiniClamp Universal which adapts to frames with a height from 30 to 50mm.

Video tutorials and information in the PlayList:

Triangle / MultiAngle system 10-45 °

Support suitable for all types of flat roofs, adjustable 10-45 ° in single exposure. It is mainly used for special structures as the triangles allow a certain flexibility to make the fixing and the support structure.

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12 year warranty on all K2 system components.

Load statistics

The mounting systems meet the calculation criteria in accordance with Eurocodes 1 and 9.