Mounting systems for photovoltaic: K2 Systems

In order to mount the photovoltaic panels, it is necessary to carefully choose the fixing structure, one of the main components to be considered in a photovoltaic system.

The supporting structure for the photovoltaic system must therefore be chosen carefully, during the inspection, design and sizing phase, also with the help of specific online applications, verifying the type of installation that is on a sloping or flat roof or solutions for field installations. open, to the installation area, checking the possible snow and wind loads.

Quality and durability of photovoltaic fixing structures

The quality of the fastening structure is synonymous with durability over time, not taken for granted as the various components are subjected to erosion, thermal expansion, air salinity, wind and snow load.

The solution chosen must therefore satisfy the static and load calculation criteria in accordance with Eurocodes 1 and 9.

K2 Systems synonymous with quality and resistance

The historic manufacturer of mounting systems for photovoltaic systems K2 Systems offers a complete range of solutions for all types of surfaces. With the possibility of designing and dimensioning the system directly during the inspection phase through the special K2 Base APP.

The solutions proposed by K2 Systems are suitable for all types of roofing, systems are available for roofs in tiled, fibre cement, corrugated sheet, seamed sheet or flat roofs as well as mounting structures with fastening to the roof substructure.

Design your online mounting system on the satellite image

K2 solutions do not stop at assembly facilities, but offer many services to installers and designers. For example, thanks to the free online software K2 Base it is possible to design your own system directly from the satellite images of the roof, obtained through integration with Google Maps.

It is also possible to carry out the static verification and through the K2+ interface go directly from mechanical to electrical design, sharing the project with the configurators of the inverter manufacturers.

The results include a specific structural analysis for the project, including a list of items for the assembly system necessary for the realization of the project.

Mounting systems for tiled roofs

  • SolidRail system: for Marseille tiles, Portuguese tiles, concrete tiles, flat tiles.

Roof fixing systems

To fix the various structures on the roof K2 offers the following products:

  • Vario hooks 1, Vario 2
  • Flat tile roof hooks
  • Hooks for slate tile roofs
  • Anchor screws (for fiber cement roofing)
  • Flat crimping clamp

Mounting systems for flat roofs

These systems are suitable for various types of substrates, such as bitumen, concrete, foils, green roofs, corrugated metal or gravel. The supports can be unilateral and bilateral, the angle of inclination can vary between 10 ° and 45 °.

  • S-Dome 6
  • D-Dome 6
  • Triangle / MultiAngle system
  • Wind TiltUp

Mounting systems for pitched roofs

K2 offers mounting systems suitable for any type of pitched roof, from tiled roofs, fibre cement, corrugated, corrugated or seamed sheet metal.

  • SolidRail
  • MiniRail
  • SpeedRail