K2 Systems user-friendly mounting systems for flat roofs: Dome V

The S-Dome V and D-Dome V systems are the next mounting system generation for flat roof installations. These systems embody all K2 Systems know-how of the last year, many optimisations and improvements.

The D-Dome V 10° System is double-sided, whereas the S-Dome V 10° and 15° allow a one-sided elevation on all flat roofs less or equal 5° with single ply membrane or bituminous roof covering, also on concrete, gravelled or green roofs.

  • Clearly ballast- and component-optimized system due to better friction coefficient of the flexible support pad called “Mat V”
  • Simultaneous assembly of modules and mounting system as well as reduced screw connections ensure faster installation
  • Lower logistics costs due to lower transport volume
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Designing with the free of charge online software K2 Base in five steps

Easy planning with K2 Base in five steps

You can design the three flat roof systems with our free of charge online software K2 Base and get static analysis, detailed ballast- and assembly plan and the complete bill of material.

Register directly and start planning your next projects on: https://base.k2-systems.com/

Thanks to several innovative optimisations, the three mounting systems have the same peak as well as five more common components, such as the flexible Mat V or the universal module clamp MiniClamp.

“The many common components enable significant time savings, even easier installation and lower storage costs,” says Claudia Vannoni, Sales Manager Italy at K2 Systems.

Mat V

  • Flexible Mat V made of EPDM – only 1 size and 1 variant (no aluminium lamination required)
  • Absorbs and compensates for tolerances
  • Friction coefficients reduce ballast

Dome V elevation

  • Innovative geometry and connections to accommodate tolerances
  • Single screw connection and fast screw-in assembly of the SD with fixation via module clamp
  • Low transport volume


  • Integrated ballast tray almost eliminates the need for additional components
  • Short rails help compensate for roof tolerance

Universal module clamps: MiniClamp MC/EC

  • Clamping range 30 - 50 mm
  • Compatible with the S-Rock and MiniRail System
  • Optional: Equipotential bonding with TerraGrif possible

Service comes first at K2 Systems

Therefore you will find all technical documents such as data sheets or assembly instructions as well as practical assembly video free of charge for download on the K2 Systems website.

S-Dome V 10°

S-Dome V 15°

  • Product data sheet (EN)
  • Assembly manual (EN)

D-Dome V 10°

References of the S-Dome V and D-Dome V all over the world

The mounting systems S- and D-Dome V are installed in a few steps on flat roofs after the installer has designed the pv plant on K2 Base and ordered it on their distributors.


K2: Flat roof systems

K2 Systems

These systems are suitable for different types of surfaces, such as bitumen, concrete, laminates, green roofs, corrugated sheet or gravel. The supports can be unilateral and bilateral, the inclination angle can vary between 10 ° and 45 °. The solutions available are the following:

New “Generazione V”:

  • S-Dome V 10°
  • S-Dome V 15°
  • D-Dome V 10°

“Classic” systems:

  • D-Dome 10°
  • S-Dome 10°
  • Triangle/MultiAngle System 10-45°

The K2 systems mounting structures for flat roofs offer a complete range of products that adapt to any type of solution.

D-Dome V & S-Dome V

The range of Dome V mounting systems for flat roofs has been designed to optimize work and make it easier to install modules on the roof with a reduced number of components and maximum reliability.

D-Dome V 10°: the double-sided elevation – generation V
S-Dome V 10°: the single-sided elevation – generation V
S-Dome V 15°: S-Rock successor with Dome V components

More information: CLICK HERE

Both these solutions are part of the new “Generation V” which sees among the most interesting components the “Mat V” flexible protective mat made of EPDM, which thanks to its elasticity is able to absorb the movements of the structure balancing them perfectly, the mat in this mode has a higher friction coefficient, so the system requires lighter weights

The universal usable clamp is the MiniClamp which adapts to frames of height from 30 to 50mm, simple.

Watch videos in the playlist:

The classic solutions are:

D-Dome 10°

Double exposure support solution. System that optimizes the exploitation of surfaces and the distribution of loads, designed for roofs with limited ballasting possibilities.
More information: CLICK HERE

S-Dome 10°

Single exposure development solution. System for complex roofs with the possibility of reduced ballasting.
More information: CLICK HERE

Triangle/MultiAngle 10-45°

Support suitable for all types of flat roofs, adjustable 10-45 ° at single exposure. It is mainly used for special structures as the triangles allow a certain flexibility to realize the fixing and the support structure.
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12 year warranty on all K2 system components.

Load statistics

The mounting systems meet the calculation criteria in accordance with Eurocodes 1 and 9.