ZCS hybrid inverters and storage system

ZCS has become part of VP Solar product portfolio!

The ZCS hybrid solution is ideal for optimizing energy independence in residential and commercial environments. The ZCS range of hybrid inverters has a nominal power from 3 kW to 6 kW for the single-phase solution and from 5kW to 20 kW for the three-phase version

This turns out to be an interesting innovation as a storage proposal as it features a hybrid inverter with greater power than the alternatives on the market which reach up to 10 kW.

ZCS hybrid inverter compatible batteries

Hybrid inverters are compatible with the following batteries:

  • AZZURRO 5 kWh
  • WECO 6 kWh
  • PYLONTECH H48050

ZCS hybrid inverters can also be combined with non-hybrid inverters in the same system. For instance, for a 100 kW system it is possible to combine an 80kW PV inverter + 20 kW hybrid inverter with energy storage.

If you want to accumulate energy in an existing system, ZCS offers the storage solution with RETROFIT inverter. The retrofit storage inverter is also compatible with other brands! VP Solar technicians are always available to help you with compatibility checks and help with configuration with inverters already present on the system.

ZCS – EASY POWER All-in-one single-phase system

ZCS offers an interesting hybrid single-phase solution All-in-one. It is an integrated storage system with modular installation for greater ease of assembly.

The storage capacity of the All in one system ranges from 5.1 kWh to 25.5 kWh, scalable and parallelable; Integrated PCU (Power Control Unit), ensures power continuity even in the event of a blackout.