Huawei’s C&I storage systems

Huawei’s C&I storage systems are certified for to both low voltage and medium voltage grid connection and are redefining the ESS landscape, with the LUNA2000 series in 200KWH-2H1, 161KWH-2H1, 129KWH-2H1 and 97KWH-1H1 versions all with Smart PCS LUNA2000-100KTL-M1 100 kW converter offering innovative battery management solutions, Huawei has placed emphasis on safety and performance optimization.


LUNA2000-200KWH-2H1 for commercial and industrial systems

Batteries are the heart of every storage system and are also subject to risks such as over- and under-discharge or over- and under-temperature. To mitigate these risks, Huawei has implemented a series of 4-layer active security measures.

These include active insulation of the rack controller, continuous monitoring of the temperature which is corrected by the air conditioning system, an intelligent data analysis system is implemented to identify potential problems and a fire extinguishing system with Perfluorohexanone as an extinguisher.

The fire suppression system is activated in two modes: heat bulb or electric start mode

In the first activation method when the temperature inside the cabinet rises for a certain period of time the heat bulb breaks to start the fire extinguishing system to release the extinguishing agent.

In the second method the sensors detect a fire, activate the start signal of the extinguishing system with the extinguishant release.

The fine automatic calibration of the SOC (State of Charge) guarantees safe and reliable operation over time. Huawei offers an excellent 2-year basic warranty, extendable up to 10 years with advanced warranty.

Reliable over time and safe with multiple applications

The performance guarantee ensures that the system can face up to 5000 charge/discharge cycles with 100% DoD (Depth of Discharge), guaranteeing a long life cycle and reliable performance over time.There are various ways of using these ESSs, the EMS can support the classic use to maximize self-consumption, but also to regulate the frequency and other grid services, in ToU (Time of Use) mode when there are high price differences between time slots or to carry out peak shaving, fuel saving or energy shifting operations.

From 97 to 970 kWh through 30 kWh steps

These storage systems are very flexible, up to 5 machines can be installed in the same system, in this way there is scalability from approximately 97 to 970 kWh in steps of 30 kWh.

Combination with Huawei C&I inverters

The combination with string inverters from the Huawei C&I segment occurs naturally with a single supervision system. In addition to the 5 ESSs, a maximum of 30 SUN2000-30/36/40/50KTL-M3, SUN2000-100KTL-M1 and SUN2000-100/115KTL M2 can be inserted. Huawei’s previous series inverters are treated as third-party inverters, resulting in the need for the addition of an isolation transformer.

The isolation transformer is also necessary when you want to use the ESS in the event of a blackout in backup mode since the PCS has a 3-wire connection without neutral. It is not possible to use the backup functionality with incompatible inverters.

It is possible to use this storage system to form minigrids without connection to the national grid where there can also be diesel generators as support, also in this case an isolation transformer is required and third-party production inverters are not supported.

Installation of the ESS Luna2000

Security is not just about the performance of the system, but also its physical location. Installing the ESS (Energy Storage System) outdoors requires a thorough site assessment. Independent fire walls and safety distances from critical structures and sources of pollution are required.

The location of the ESS must also take into account the distance from wireless communications facilities and the coast to avoid risks of corrosion and other environmental complications.

In conclusion, Storage C&I Huawei offers not only a cutting-edge solution but also peace of mind for users through its innovative security features, flexibility and reliable warranty.